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The Berkowitz Firm, a Colorado law firm specializing in business law and technology law, has helped a wide variety of clients with many business arrangements, and in structuring technology transactions including:



Formation of Companies

Technology Transfer

Business Acquisitions

Marketing of Proprietary Information

Business Governance

Distribution of Technology

Executive Negotiations


The Berkowitz Firm supports all the business law needs of its clients. The Firm works with new and existing companies in planning the appropriate entity to facilitate its activities and the goals of the principles. Formation, financing, governance and shareholder arrangements are part of the Firm's focus. Understanding the business needs underlying the legal requirements enhances the Firm's ability to help clients work to meet their goals, whether they are operating their company, acquiring another company, or being acquired by another entity.

The Berkowitz Firm is one of the few in the region emphasizing technology law. As the world moves increasingly into the information age, business of all kinds must be prepared to deal with rapid technological changes. With these changes often come complex and unanticipated legal questions, issues, and opportunities. The Berkowitz Firms diverse clientele includes businesses on the cutting edge of technology development, and traditional companies that seek to integrate new technologies into current business practices.

Whether negotiating contracts or helping clients understand and cope with regulation, The Berkowitz Firm assists clients in all aspects of structuring technology transactions to bring technology to market. The Firm has worked with businesses engaged in software development, bio-tech devices, construction materials, and the Internet.

The Berkowitz Firms clients are not only technology companies, but also mid-size businesses from many different industries such as manufacturing, health care, and service companies. In today's world, these clients also face many different technology law issues. Proprietary information, network security, privacy, E-mail, software development, and an Internet presence are a few examples of issues that confront companies that used to think technology law was only related to companies heavy into R & D.

For example, software systems are now used as diagnostic tools in areas ranging from medicine to helicopter maintenance and tax planning. What sort of liability might there be for users when such a system is defective? What impact does the Electronic Communications Privacy Act have on E-mail systems?

A sizeable segment of The Berkowitz Firms technology practice relates to Internet law. In addition to technology issues, Internet law involves such things as how to negotiate for on-line services, publishing on the Internet, liability issues in doing business on-line, electronic transactions, and the pitfalls of Internet regulation.



Software Marketing and Distribution


Software Acquisition and Development

Entity Formation and Finance

Software Acquisition and Sharing Within
Trade Groups

Employment Contracts

Tech Transfer From Government Agencies
(e.g. NASA)

Outsourcing Contracts

University Research Contracts

Corporate Acquisitions

Software, Device, Materials, and Process Licensing

Spin Offs



E-Mail Policies

Executive Separations

Web Development

Shareholder Arrangements


Strategic Partnering

Electronic Transactions

Due Diligence





The Berkowitz Firm is headed by Leslie G. Berkowitz, Esq. In addition to practicing law for more than 33 years and practicing computer law for more than 25 years, he has taught many law and business courses and delivered numerous academic papers. Les is extremely involved in the community on issues ranging from metropolitan government and to small business issues, from economic development to health care reform.


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