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We are experienced in helping train corporate managers, law departments, contract administrators, and employee groups on emerging technology issues and the skills needed to implement legal strategies and bring new technology to market.

Some of the companies and organizations with which we have worked include McData, Microsoft, the Colorado Bar Association, ISSA, and World Congress on Expert Software Systems.

Below are courses we provide for corporate and individual training programs we have held in the past.

Corporate and Management Training:

Below are a few training programs we have held in the past. Feel free to contact us regarding your corporate training needs and we will be happy to customize a program that is just right for you.

Emerging Issues: What are the issues or technologies on the horizon or on the verge of changing the business world? Will RFID chips change the standard of care for certain processes and therefore increase liability. With mass retention of personal data and building aggregated profiles, we are seeing the development of liability for failing to secure that data. Will there develop liability for false profiles? We will help you explore the legal future of where your new technologies will take you.

Commercializing Technology: How do you capitalize on new technology that you or your company has developed or may have recently emerged on the market? This seminar will guide you through the legal issues involved in bringing your technology to market.

Survey of Technology Law: This seminar will help you know when to raise a red flag. Liability, content management, cyber-security and privacy, personnel issues, and data mining are some of the topics that are covered.

Electronic Contracting: Does your business communicate via email or voicemail? Chances are you do. Many companies are parting ways with the old methods of paper contracts and are beginning to use various electronic communication methods to form binding contracts. Electronic contracts can dramatically speed up your business process, but some novel issues regarding considerations that it had been well settled. The application of the statute of frauds, the application of jurisdictional principles (and especially perplexing in this age of when base commerce), the elements required to bind the other party are a few of the considerations that managers now must consider.

Negotiating Technology Agreements: Everyone thinks they can negotiate, because we have been doing it since we first tried to stay up past our bed time. However, negotiation is a skill that can be learned and it is clear that some do it better than others. This course will examine the skills and techniques needed to gain better results from your negotiations with special emphasis on the provisions of common technology agreements.

Contract Drafting: contract drafting, life negotiations, involves skills most of us. A contract must not only convey meaning to the people who created, that it must create the exact same meaning to people in the future who may have had no contact with its original formation. This is not as easy as it seems and there are a number of techniques that can be used to make contracts clear, concise, and understandable to those who must interpret what the original drafters wanted. This program will develop skills that can, for example, reduce vagueness and ambiguity, avoid interpretation problems resulting from inappropriate diction and will also review the legal issues related to incorporating by reference and attaching exhibits and documents.

Cyber-security Law: There have been major changes in the areas of cyber-security law in recent years. The areas of computer hackering, piracy, spyware, and stealing company secrets via the internet are extremely important in today's business environment. Learn about new techniques for protecting corporate intellectual assets, dealing with disgruntled employees, and reducing risk from data loss.

For Individuals or Groups

We have seminars for technology groups or individuals that we hold throughout the year.

These are a few of the courses we have offered in the past. Please contact us and tell us which seminar you are interested in and we will be sure to keep you updated with upcoming seminar dates and other information

What to do when the layoffs come? No matter the type of work you do, there is always the possibility of being downsized. What obligations do you have to your former employer? Are you going to find a new job of start a new business? This program covers the steps from leaving your old job to the items you should look for in starting new employment or starting a new business.

So you invented something, now what? You may have invented a new program, piece of software or invention. What do you do with it? How do you protect your invention and turn it into cash? This program will show you how.

Survey of technology law for Industry Groups? We will focus on broad technology issues such as privacy, security and the latest internet laws and regulations. This is a can't miss course for any technology group or industry.


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